About Grace

Hi! I'm Grace! I'm 10-years-old and I'm ready to skip into the world of blogging!

My blog, Grace's Good{will} Closet, is about the fabulous world of the Goodwill Store and the wonders of its racks.  Amazingly low prices for the most hottest brands around the mall, school, etc.

I got this fab A and F outfit at the Goodwill Store.
The whole thing was $5.58!!!  

I'm in 5th grade and have straight A's in creative writing, reading and art and science.

I LOVE to build and once I start to build I CANNOT STOP! I love to be in the woods and make forts.

I draw sometimes and my birthday is on May 19th! I have a 5-lb teacup Yorkie named Mia, who turned one on October 3rd, 2011!

This is me when I was little.

My mother (Carole Murphy) is the founder of the Blue Chateau Interiors.   She's helping me with my blog.

My family was hit really hard by the recession and my Mom is teaching me how to shop for stuff without spending a lot of money.  Her blog is about keeping your money, decorating, cooking and how to be fabulously frugal.

This is my mom.  I lurve her.
Her hair smells good, too.

Mothers and kids and 'tweens, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE ON BIG BRANDS.

So, join me on my fantabulous adventure through the Goodwill Store and through the racks of my closet!