Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More About ME!

I have more to tell! :) SO, a kid like me has GOT to have a lot of friends,right?


These are my BFFs!! I am the one on the far left in the fab dress! Lauren (9 years old) is to the right of me and she 100% loves chicken! :) Lauren is a really good friend (as all of them are!).

Next to Lauren is Sarah, also 9. She loves short and sweet stories. Who doesn't!?

And, to the right of Sarah is Katie A.K.A FuzzBall! She is 7 years old and brings joy to all of us!

We all love each other in different ways! Sometimes we are 100% drama queens BUT despite that we are a FANTASTIC quartet! And are very sporty and love the woods!

BUT alas I am moving so we will have to part ways.. :(. On the bright side we are AWESOME.

P.S two more girls moved in, Jolie and Macy but they were not home so stay tuned!!  

What do YOU think? :-)


  1. Good friends are the best!
    I've been shopping and wearing thrift store close since I was 16! I'm 43 now! Keep going and having fun!
    dee dee

  2. I LOVE your blog, you are so mature for your age, must be a girl thing - my daughter is 8 and is far more grown up than my 12 year old son!
    My daughter's BFF since they were 2 will be moving away soon but like she said 'we can still chat online', the internet means you're never far from your friends, it's a wonderful thing!
    Keep going, you're an inspiration to us all (including us mums!)