Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rue 21 Sparkly Polo for $2.29!

OK. Now, when I wear this I most likely get mistaken for a zebra.

This fantabulous dress-shirt is from Rue 21, but I got it from Goodwill for only $2.29!

At Rue 21 it is $14.25......... It is VERY unique and  sparkly...... It has a nice V-neck  and  a collar.

The shorts were only $3.20.

Flip-flops came from Kohl's and my Mom only paid $3.00 because they were on clearance.

What do you think???


  1. What a great outfit.. you really know how to combine some great clothes.. and so inexpensive!! Great Job!!

  2. Hi Grace! I just awarded you the Liebster Award! Keep up the good work and happy treasure hunting!

  3. Gracie! It's Jess! :) I was just lookin' at your mom's blog and saw you had one. I love it!
    What a great idea. You're just too cute.

    Keep it up. :)

    Love, Jess

  4. So cute!! I love this! Goodwill is my favorite store! I LOVE going there! :) Erin