Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More About ME!

I have more to tell! :) SO, a kid like me has GOT to have a lot of friends,right?


These are my BFFs!! I am the one on the far left in the fab dress! Lauren (9 years old) is to the right of me and she 100% loves chicken! :) Lauren is a really good friend (as all of them are!).

Next to Lauren is Sarah, also 9. She loves short and sweet stories. Who doesn't!?

And, to the right of Sarah is Katie A.K.A FuzzBall! She is 7 years old and brings joy to all of us!

We all love each other in different ways! Sometimes we are 100% drama queens BUT despite that we are a FANTASTIC quartet! And are very sporty and love the woods!

BUT alas I am moving so we will have to part ways.. :(. On the bright side we are AWESOME.

P.S two more girls moved in, Jolie and Macy but they were not home so stay tuned!!  

What do YOU think? :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rue 21 Sparkly Polo for $2.29!

OK. Now, when I wear this I most likely get mistaken for a zebra.

This fantabulous dress-shirt is from Rue 21, but I got it from Goodwill for only $2.29!

At Rue 21 it is $14.25......... It is VERY unique and  sparkly...... It has a nice V-neck  and  a collar.

The shorts were only $3.20.

Flip-flops came from Kohl's and my Mom only paid $3.00 because they were on clearance.

What do you think???

Stay Germ-Free And Trendy!

If you're always telling your child to wash their hands, then try these things!

They're little hand sanitizers with covers on them! AND you just hook those little guys to your backpack, purse, ANYTHING!

At Bath and Body Works, the hand sanitizer is $1.00 and covers are $0.50! Who knew how easy it was to get your kid to stay clean!?

Look this one was $00.50!!! FOR BOTH!!!! : ))) AWESOME!

SO, if I may not have mentioned, these thing are SO,"in" at my school!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

C-U-T-E Abercrombie Shirt

As you may have noticed, Abercrombie is a brand I tend to look for when I shop the color-organized racks of Goodwill.

This was $2.29! At Abercrombie, it's $19.50, on sale for $15.00! 

Not only do I love the color of the shirt I have on in the photo below, I love the sparkle (bling : ) )

By the way, I LOVE THE COMMENTS!!!!! Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't be Embarrassed to Wear Goodwill Clothing!!!

Well it's the ugly truth that some people think that a store like Goodwill is, 'nasty'. I don't think i can tell you  enough thats it's NOT.

No matter what brand you get, its not nasty, I repeat, NOT nasty.

Ya know how people say don't judge a book by its cover? Or, it's what's on the inside on on the outside? Same thing.

It's not like people stalk you and watch where you shop, it's YOUR open choice. I highly recommend Goodwill to ANY money-saving-mom and kids!

As a matter of fact I wear it proudly. : ) SO, well be this be a lesson to not be embarrassed to wear clothing just because it's not from the precise store it came from!

Sharing my thrifty genius:

A&F Outfit for $5.58

Now.  This, my friends, is ALL A and F.  In mom-language: Abercrombie and Fitch.

Look at the shirt that was $2.29 at the Goodwill Store and $39.50 at the Abercrombie store.

On sale at the Abercrombie store, it was $17.97 for a comparable polo.

The skort, also from Abercrombie, was $59.50!!!!!!!!! At Goodwill it was $3.29! This fabulous skort is a FAVE in my little world of fashion!

All together this super stylish outfit was -drum roll- $5.58!!!!

The photography was done by my mother.

Don't forget to stay posted to my blog for new posts.

Does your son or daughter have a favorite designer brand to wear? What is it?

Sharing my thrifty goodness:

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